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Programme & Events

Connect Summer 2016 Events
Bringing It Home exhibition programme at Puke Ariki

Need support towards the costs of running a community programme or public event?

A Programme and Event Grant provides support towards the costs of running a programme or event for organisations that have core objectives and activities that align with the Trust's Community Funding Policy.

A Programme and Event is a specific activity or project which an organisation runs for a specific period of time, which has clearly identified purposes and outcomes. For example; a community or regional event being hosted in Taranaki or community programmes, such as: volunteer and social services programmes, or innovative (pilot) learning programmes

If your organisation is a not for profit community organisation you may be eligible to apply.

A Programme and Event Grant will not be granted in the same year as an Operational Grant but can be granted in the same year as a Capital Grant

The Trust sets the level of funding your organisation may receive - in setting the amount the Trust will compare groups of similar size and purpose and will consider fair and equitable funding levels

When assessing a grant the Trust considers things like population served, membership, roll numbers, ability to access and raise other funds, community access and community contribution, and socio-economic factors

The Trust may consider committing funding to a programme or event for a period of more than a year, subject to specific criteria

For larger projects the Trust may ask your organisation to identify outcomes which can be measured and monitored. In such cases outcomes will be agreed with your organisation prior to the grant being made - so you will need to be able to clearly state why the activity is needed, what will be achieved and how you intend to track the difference it is making in the community. For large and significant activities, support may be provided to assist.

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Recent TSB Funded Programme & Events Grant Projects

The TSB Festival of Lights kicks off on Sunday 16 December

Ride to the Festival of Lights for Free

Get to the TSB Festival of Lights for free with the Tranzit regional buses supported by TSB Community Trust.

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Taranaki Indoor Sheep Dog Trial in action

Charity isnt going to the dogs in Taranaki

The annual Taranaki Indoor Sheepdog Trial continues to benefit the wider community.

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WhyOra Cadet Grace Harris

Whyora is getting results

WhyOra is a Taranaki organisation getting results.

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Hayden Wano, TSB Community Trust Chair with Roena Ruakere-Te Uira, Chair of Te Pou Tiringa

New partnership to help improve child and family wellbeing

Te Pou Tiringa is a Taranaki community organisation focused on growing healthy children, families and communities.

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Dave Owens has a big dream for Kiwi kids.

Great Fathers make a huge difference

Dave Owens has a big dream for Kiwi kids.

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TSB Festival of Lights a Night-time Wonderland

Catch a free bus to the TSB Festival of Lights

The TSB Festival of Lights is back again for another fantastic season! The lights will be on in Pukekura Park every night between 16 December 2017 ...

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The Circle of Security Team from Supporting Families in Mental Illness Taranaki - from left: Lynne Holdem, Carolyn Ravek, Sally Philip, Shirley Vickery. Photo: Pip Guthrie

Circle of Security

An early intervention parenting programme called Circle of Security being delivered around Taranaki, aims to build attachment.

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Soon to retire Principal Mike Johnson has been pivotal to Trust's Literacy and Numeracy funding programme

Thank you Mr Johnson!

Being a pivotal part of a multi-million dollar literacy and numeracy programme is something Mike Johnson is about to say good-bye to. The ...

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WISE working hard to improve wellbeing and create jobs

WISE Works; healthier homes and more jobs!

It’s a simple formula. Make a home warm and dry, keep its inhabitants healthier and create hundreds of jobs.

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Community volunteers Marilyn and Noel Stachurski

Volunteering for Good

When kids or property get lost at WOMAD NZ, people visit volunteers Marilyn and Noel Stachurski and their team in the Information Centre. They ...

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This year, the Trust is supporting kapa haka workshops in South Taranaki with national title holder Te Whanau-a-Apanui.

Helping make WOMAD accessible to Taranaki

In March every year the world comes to Taranaki for WOMAD, and support from TSB Community Trust helps to make WOMAD accessible to our community.

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Showing work from Taranaki Art Awards - Photo courtesy of Fairfax Media. Photo: Petra Finer

Art Awards bring local community together

A coastal community is drawn together each year by its hosting of art awards that attract artists from around the country.

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Taranaki kids having fun while learning Photo: Courtesy of Taranaki Daily News

Swim safety programme building everyone's confidence

Taranaki schoolchildren are being buoyed by a TSB Community Trust grant that's making them safer around water.

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Cadets reflect on Bringing It Home exhibition

Exhibition told important WWI Taranaki stories

Bringing It Home exhibition brought little known World War One stories to light.

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Football fans making use of easy regional bus transport to the FIFA U-20 World Cup matches at Yarrow Stadium. Photo: Courtesy of NPDC

FIFA U-20 fans on board with community buses

Over 300 Taranaki football fans were able to get to the FIFA U-20 matches at Yarrow Stadium on community buses.

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