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Need help with day to day costs of running a community organisation?

Starting from $200, an Annual Grant provides support for the on-going day to day costs of running a not for profit organisation that meets the Trust's eligibility criteria and has objectives that align with the Trust's Community Funding Policy.

If your organisation is a not for profit community organisation you may eligible to apply 

An Annual Grant may be granted once per financial year towards general operational costs.

The Trust sets the level of Annual funding your organisation may receive - in setting the amount the Trust will compare groups of similar size and scope and will consider fair and equitable funding levels for organisations and groups.

When assessing a grant the Trust considers things like population served, membership, roll numbers, ability to access and raise other funds, community access and community contribution, and socio-economic factors.

For larger organisations the Trust may ask you to identify outcomes, which can be measured and monitored. In such cases, these will be agreed with your organisation prior to the grant being made - so this means you will need to be able to clearly state what you want to achieve and why, how you are going to do it and how you intend to track the results you are making.

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