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New Zealand Junior Academy Snooker Team. Photo:Courtesy of Taranaki Daily News

The Trust fosters excellence within the region by supporting individual high performance, competitive representation, training and development. 

Individuals who have been selected by the recognised educational, cultural or sporting national body to represent New Zealand or attend a national training/ or development squad may be eligible to apply to the Trust for an Individual Grant. 

To be eligible for consideration, the applicant must first meet the Trust’s Eligibility Criteria - see Eligibility Criteria Policy.

Applicants must also provide sufficient evidence from the appropriate national body (i.e. signed approval on formal letter head) to be considered.

Managers or chaperones are not eligible for consideration of a grant.

Individuals who qualify for assistance are eligible to only one grant per financial year.

Individual Grants will only be made to persons residing outside the Taranaki region if they are bona fide students attending recognised educational institutes whose parent resides permanently within the TSB Community Trust legislative boundary. 

Note: To ensure your Individual Grant application can be considered in time, please submit your application as early as possible (at least 15 working days prior to travel).

Applicants will generally receive notification of the outcome of their grant request approximately 1-2 weeks before the activity. 

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Conor Eager, Taranaki Robotics holding Nakibot’s National VEX IQ championships award

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New Zealand Snooker Academy Team Photo: Courtesy of Taranaki Daily News

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