Funding Framework

Our Funding Approach

Our funding framework outlines the Trust's commitment to helping our communities achieve their goals. To do this we take a proactive approach, investing in people and communities, and facilitating opportunities for positive change

The Taranaki community is at the heart of the Trust. Together we are stronger; this philosophy drives our approach as a philanthropic Trust, working collaboratively across Taranaki to drive our short-term outcomes that enable the achievement of a thriving inclusive and equitable Taranaki.

Through our Funding Framework our Strengthening Community Grants are vital to maintaining the intricate fabric of our community. We also invest strategically to tackle our region’s most significant challenges.

We are willing to take risks on new ideas and approaches with potential to deliver catalytic results and to invest with a long-term focus to achieve inter-generational change.


We make investments for impact with the intention of generating a measurable beneficial societal and/or environment impact alongside a financial capital and social return


We are focused on working strategically to achieve our Purpose and the Trusts outcomes. We do this through supporting, facilitating and engaging in strategic and collaborative relationships and investments.


We contribute to seed or scale opportunities that may have a high potential for impact aligns strongly to the Trusts outcomes.


We understand the significance of our community grants towards supporting the fabric of our community. We are responsive to community requests that contribute to increased access to opportunities.