Eligibility Criteria

The Trust has an Eligibility Criteria Policy that determines who and what we will fund.  Eligibility criteria are used to assess the eligibility of organisations and applications. All organisations, groups and individuals who wish to apply for a grant must first meet these criteria to be able to apply for a grant. 

The Trust's Eligibility Criteria are listed below:

  1. As per the TSB Community Trust’s Trust Deed; applicants must have charitable, cultural, philanthropic, recreational, and other purposes being beneficial to the community principally in the TSB Community Trust’s “Specified Area” – from Mokau in the north, to Tahora in the East and Nukumaru in the South (aligning with the South Taranaki District Council boundary - effective from 19 July 2018).
  2. The Trust will give preference and priority to organisations and individuals that have core banking – i.e. transactional, loans and investments with the TSB Bank Ltd.
  3.  Individuals who reside within the specified area and are selected by the recognised educational, cultural or sporting national body to represent New Zealand or attend a national training or development squad, may be eligible to apply for an Individual Grant - see our Community Funding Guidelines
  4. Political lobby groups are not eligible to apply.
  5. The main entity or governing body of each organisation must be the applicant. Applications will not be accepted from sub-groups of entities (such as jubilee committees, men’s, women’s, or juniors sections).
  6. The Trust does not fund retrospectively; the activity being considered for funding must not start prior to a grant being made.
  7. Group travel is not generally funded.
  8. For Capital Grants applications will be received from the entity that owns, or will own the asset. Consideration will be given to applications from entities holding leases or other formal agreements dependent on the conditions of the agreement.
  9. For other grant types applications must be received from the entity that will govern, and/or manage the activity being applied for.
  10. The Trust will not generally provide grants which are for the purpose of fundraising or re-gifting.
  11. To be eligible for consideration applications must also meet the criteria outlined in the specific funding guidelines for the type of grant being applied for. See the Trust's Community Funding Guidelines.


From 1 April 2019 we are making changes to our Community Funding Guidelines. The include; some changes to grant limits for Community Funding grants and a stronger focus on the positive difference or impact your project will make (rather than the type of organisation applying for funding). These new Guidelines take effect from 1 April 2019 and are now available to read HERE

To read the Trust's Eligibility Criteria Policy click here

TSB Community Trust also provides Match Funding grants.  These are administered by the three District Councils and have different eligibility criteria.  Contact the Community Development Team at your local District Council to find out more.