Community Investment and Funding Strategy

Our Community Investment and Funding Strategy outlines the Trust's commitment to helping our communities achieve their goals. To do this we take a proactive approach, investing in people and communities, and facilitating opportunities for positive change.

Being implemented from 1 April 2017, our new Community Investment and Funding Strategy includes our new Funding Framework which provides a structure for the Trust's philanthropy.

Community Funding

Our Community Funding is fundamental to our strategy. Through our Community Funding we aim to:

  • support and strengthen the fabric of our communities
  • be responsive to community requests that contribute to our overall Vision
  • provide support to community groups and organisations to achieve their goals
  • to foster excellence within the region, and
  • facilitate and champion positive opportunities for our community.

Our Community Funding includes Operational, Capital and Programme and Event Grants, Match funding as well as Individual and Touring Production Grants. To find out more about these types of grants click here

Strategic Philanthropy

Through our Strategic Philanthropy, we are focused on working strategically to achieve our Vision and Priorities. We do this by supporting, facilitating and engaging in strategic and collaborative relationships, partnerships and investments. Our Strategic Philanthropy is being implemented in stages from 2017, if you are interested in hearing more about our work please contact the Trust.

Our Innovative and Impact Investing will be implemented in future years. Refer below to find out more about our new Funding Framework.