Boundary Change Proposal Process

TSB Community Trust and Whanganui Community Foundation Joint Proposal to Adjust the Trust Boundary

The Trustees of TSB Community Trust have submitted a proposal to the Associate Minister of Finance to adjust the Trust's southern boundary to align with the South Taranaki District Council boundary. The proposal is subject to the Minister's consideration and approval. It includes a proposed asset transfer from Whanganui Community Foundation to the TSB Community Trust.

Background to the Proposal

In 2012, in order to consider proposing a change to legislation, we asked our beneficiaries if they wanted to change the Trust’s southern boundary, and if so where the boundary should be located. The previous consultation reports are available here or on request from the Trust.

As a result of that consultation process, in 2014 a request was submitted to the Minister of Finance proposing an amendment to the Community Trusts Act 1999 to allow a legislative change to the boundary. In December 2016 amendments to the Community Trusts Act 1999 were passed that now allow the Trust to put forward a boundary change proposal to the Minister. 

Under the revised law, the Trust was required to seek feedback from our current beneficiaries prior to making a final decision and submitting the proposal. We therefore invited persons residing within the legislative area of the Trust to make written submissions regarding the proposed boundary adjustment to the Trustees. Click here to see a map of the current boundary. 

Our consultation process to receive written submissions from those who live in the current Trust area opened on 8 June 2017 and closed on 12 July 2017.

In August 2017 the Trustees considered all submissions, both for and against a change. Following due consideration the Trustees made a decision to forward a proposal to the Minister to request the boundary change. 

For further information contact: TSB Community Trust. Email: Telephone: (06) 769 9471.