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About the Trust

Taranaki people; proud and resilient, people of the land and all corners of the earth, woven together, supporting each other, united in community.

Together we are stronger. Positivity, opportunity, creativity; these are the gifts of our ancestors, for here under our maunga, anything may be possible.

TSB Community Trust is a philanthropic trust at the heart of the Taranaki community; our communities’ success drives everything we do.  

Our Trust was formed in 1988 as the owner of TSB Bank Ltd, now known as TSB. The Trustees of the TSB Community Trust are the Shareholders of TSB Group Ltd, a holding company that manages the Trust’s asset investments. These are 100% of TSB and a controlling interest in Fisher Funds Management Ltd.

The TSB Community Trust derives its income from these assets, which as per the Trust Deed, can be applied towards supporting not-for-profit organisations within our legislative boundary, towards “charitable, cultural, philanthropic, recreational and other purposes beneficial to the community".

In 1990 – our first year of making grants – we gave out $161,000 in funds. Now our grant making runs into the millions, with over $137 million granted since 1990.

As we’ve matured, we’ve grown alongside our community. Our infrastructure has strengthened and we’ve expanded our staff so we can better support our grant making programmes and the ways we are engaging with our community. No longer just a grant maker - we also work alongside organisations helping them to develop their capacity and their own solutions.We are very interested in collaborative approaches and as an evidence based funder, when needed, we are investing in research to increase the impact of our funding.

Over the years we've developed our strategy towards working with our communities to make an inter-generational impact. 

Today the Trust is committed to supporting increased access to opportunities for the Taranaki community, a thriving environment, cohesive communities and thriving whanau across generations.

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