Match Funding

The Neighbourhood Match Fund was established by TSB Community Trust in 2017 in partnership with the Stratford, South Taranaki and New Plymouth District Councils.

The aim of the regional fund is to encourage local people to become more connected with each other in their own neighbourhood.

Match Funding is a type of community grant made by a funder to match the effort put in by a group of individuals in a neighbourhood. The group do not need to be a formal community organisation. For example, locals organising an open event might give volunteer time and resources (such as food), while the funder matches it with a grant to cover other costs.

Match Funding schemes already exist in several other places in New Zealand. In Taranaki, TSB Community Trust provides the funding, while each Council administers it in their own area. To qualify, activities must take place within the Trust’s boundaries.

Applications are considered by the Councils on a case by case basis. Most grants will be small. However, neighbourhood groups may also apply for larger projects which may take longer and may need to gain consents and approvals.

To find out more about the Trust's Match Funding visit your local District Council's website or contact their Community Development Team.