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New partnership to help improve child and family wellbeing

Hayden Wano, TSB Community Trust Chair with Roena Ruakere-Te Uira, Chair of Te Pou Tiringa
Hayden Wano, TSB Community Trust Chair with Roena Ruakere-Te Uira, Chair of Te Pou Tiringa

TSB Community Trust has formed a strategic partnership with Te Pou Tiringa, a Taranaki community organisation focused on growing healthy children, families and communities.

Established in 1994, Te Pou Tiringa is the governance body for Te Kopae Piripono, an award-winning Maori early childhood centre based in New Plymouth, named as a Centre of Innovation by the Ministry of Education in 2005.

Both the Trust and Te Pou Tiringa share a vision of a healthy, vibrant and thriving Taranaki community and have been in discussions since 2016 when the Trust introduced child and youth wellbeing as a strategic priority.

An MoU agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) between the Trust and Te Pou Tiringa was signed on 13 December 2017 stating how we will work together to explore improving the wellbeing and success of Maori children and their whanau in Taranaki.

In 2014, a research project organised and funded by TSB Community Trust, found that efforts to improve wellbeing in Taranaki were best focused on improving Maori outcomes and outcomes for those most in need.

While existing international evidence shows that the early years of a child’s life matter greatly to how they do later in life in such areas as education, income, health and relationships, there is a gap in evidence about which programmes (also called interventions) are effective for Maori children and whanau, and make a lasting difference throughout life.

Te Kopae Piripono is the base for Te Kura Mai i Tawhiti (TKMiT) - a joint research project between Te Pou Tiringa and the National Centre for Lifecourse Research (NCLR) at the University of Otago.

The long-term study aims to create learnings which will help people, including those working with young children, to better understand what is effective for working with Maori children and whanau in Taranaki, and which may also be of benefit to the wider community.

The Trust has recently approved grants totalling $870,000 towards establishing the research programme and towards work needed to secure a new home for Te Kopae Piripono.

In 2016 the Trust granted over $6 million to community organisations across Taranaki towards child and youth wellbeing activities, including Great Fathers Trust, Te Puna Trust, and Supporting Families in Mental Illness Taranaki among others.

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