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Exhibition told important WWI Taranaki stories

Cadets reflect on Bringing It Home exhibition
Cadets reflect on Bringing It Home exhibition

Puke Ariki’s exhibition Bringing it Home: Taranaki and World War One tells of the province at war. The courage, the heartbreak, the humour and triumph of people at home and in battle. It traces the legacy of the war, showing how this global conflict touched local districts, communities, and whanau around the mountain.

Kelvin Day, Puke Ariki Director said "The grant from the TSB Community Trust allowed for extra research which meant Puke Ariki was able to bring little known stories to light which are now told alongside those of our well-known heroes. Amongst these stories were those of devastating loss, of fathers and husbands returned irreparably changed, but also stories of resilience, strength and hope. Told together they built a picture of the complexities of war and its far reaching impacts". These stories may have long been known to individual families, but the exhibition allowed them to be shared with the wider community and have them acknowledged as part of the region’s collective history.

The Trust also supported the schools education programme. By the end of the exhibition around 2,600 school children visited the exhibition. The exhibition programme gave children the chance to walk in the shoes of their ancestors, looking at the war from the perspectives of soldiers and nurses as well as those left keeping the home fires burning.

There were over 9,000 total visitors to the exhibition.